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    We Are Krima
    Your Digital Knowledge Partners

    Krima is a new economy firm that provides technology enabled services
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    Digital content solutions
    The Smart Way

    With an experienced set of professionals we believe in "smart basics" that leverage on the skills of professionals and deliver quality output
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    Set your OWN
    Offshored Digital Team

    Own your teams with minimal fixed costs
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    We Innovate
    Your Trusted Collaborator

    Know your digital assets' effectiveness through research, analytics and technology

We Are Krima Solutions
We deliver thought out solutions....through technology.

We create experiences that help you build and manage digital assets
From data building to transforming unstructured content to database, we help build digital products and help grow them.
Touch points include digital sales enhancement, effective marketing tools, business intelligence products, analytical content and report writing.
We craftsmen who have a knack of building custom digital data products.

Krima Solutions is a new economy firm that believes in technology enabled services that enhance end-customer experience of digital assets owned by corporations, digital publishing firms, event firms and ecommerce companies. Krima provides entire digital lifecycle services for building and maintaining digital assets. We plan for, design and conceptualise digital assets. Developing customer-focused UX/UI and providing researched content and its ongoing maintenance is our core expertise. We provide on-going and routine forensics on online user behaviour & preferences and help clients tweak their digital design and content strategy for more effective results.

We have been able to solve several challenges and pain-staking problems to generate meaningful and relevant data from unstructured, disparate medium of information onto a structured database/platform. Our clients can get access to processed information on a near-live basis with speed and accuracy. AI created machine learning algorithms constantly improve themselves.

SMART BASICS is what we follow. No big frills of huge physical infrastructure, but one that is functional and top class in effectiveness. A huge focus on working with best-in-class professionals we believe in "SMART BASICS". Clients fully leverage their access to our skilled resources be it automation experts or researchers and analysts. Our deliverables focus purely on three simple things: correctness, completeness and timeliness. This enables our objective of enabling our clients to enhance value through cost and beyond.

Innovation, problem solving ability, proactivity from Krima Solutions will help you enhance your brands and the digital assets. We help you with technology that is cutting-edge; one that is effective, efficient, result oriented and yes, definitely disruptive.

We Automate
Crafting With Purpose

Assisted bots custom-built to provide never-experienced-before efficiencies and accuracy.

We Innovate
Coding Solutions with focus on end-goal

Coding for achieving purposeful end-goal ensures a well drawn-out solution for a pain-point through innovation.

Research and Data Science Support
Available When You Need Us

Teams embedded with data scientists ensure automation is deployed and supported on an ongoing basis thus ensuring client commitments are fulfilled in the shortest possible time.

Made in India with an incredible talent base
India Based

With vast access from a massive talent pool, our solutions are made in India exclusively for you What we offer is the best intellectual talent and most committed workforce at your service.

We work, you benefit

Engage automation experts and get your automation needs for data collection to data management; customised for your business and decision-making needs. Along with assisted bots, enable data to be delivered in a customised format-easy to upload onto your platforms via quality assurance experts for organising data.

K-LAB-our R&D Centre
Research Lab for data automation

Through our investment in R&D lab, we have enough use cases and best practices. The outcome of years of experience in AI and machine learning has resulted in hundreds of modularly designed bots that will help you get to solutions quickly with no or minimal tweaks. Assisted or automatic, bots will run and generate data as per requirements.

Our Skills
Precision Crafting

Our skills include qualified professionals in content production, researchers and analysts who can profile global economies, companies, industries and people. Managing work in a platform and update databases as well as directly build products offer significant advantages to our customers. Our technology team is two-pronged; one that automates data collection, synthesis and analysis. The other, can create software interfaces from creating landing pages, microsites, custom CMS and databases for curated content. Thus, the complete spectrum of managing digital assets across multiple platforms are our core competency. Analysts can crunch numbers using multiple tools. Our consultants can give you an analytical report in the manner you want.

Quality assurance teams can curate content and data through assisted bots and present final content that smacks of quality.

All done through a process, driven approach- a defined method to the madness ensuring highest level of output, in the more consistent way, yet creative in their own right.

Modular and customised bots for data collection


Records of data created

One billion+

Source countries covered


Web Research coverage

10,000+ Websites

Large platform-based software projects implemented


ROI based solutions
Improve profitability through reduced costs

Clear focus on value ensures a better ROI for what we deliver and we are clear that we want to positively impact profitability through reducing costs with no compromise in quality. A clear cut ROI based solutions enables to measure returns on investment and provide incredible amount of savings to clients and enables them to focus on core activities of core digital operations, marketing, product development and sales, while we tackle content production, digital management of assets, digital development and ongoing maintenance.

Team extension model
Own your team and enjoy the flexibility to assign tasks and manage skilled professionals

We help you get your own offshore teams that allows you the flexibility to assign tasks and manage your work. The team extension model allows you to get your jobs done without having to invest in fixed assets and infrastructure. We build and manage it for you in a SMART way and you get your own resources at cost-effective rates. Assured ROI for your programms. Whether it is sales, marketing, finance, HR, Strategy, business development, event management, we assure you maximum gain on your budget spends. GET MORE FOR LESS


Records verified


Deadlines met


Pages developed


Turnkey Solutions provided

A Perfect Design is Passion, Dedication, and a lots of Coffee


The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra


The Desire to Create is One of the Deepest Yearnings of the Human Soul


What We Do
Our Capabilities

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch.

Research and Knowledge Services
We help you take informed decisions

Krima mobilises a team of talented researchers and knowledge workers who can create company, people and industry profiles in multiple formats. for business development and sales teams it is a great prospect intelligence tool that enables them to take informed decisions. Where information services needs to be update, such a service helps populating databases in the most cost effective method.

Digital Market Forensics
We help you synthesise, decipher and understand data

Big data is a nice word but unless it is dissected into manageable silos, it cannot tell a story. We help you synthesise data, decipher it and tell you the real story-a story of what your customers, partners of digital assets want or seek. Information so critical that can make or break your content and digital strategy at every level- business, operations, marketing, finance and sales. Something that will be impactful, relevant aimed at optimising your dollar per click.

Digital marketing support
A complete suite of digital marketing support solutions

Online products and services require an offline service to enable ecommerce. A complete suite of digital marketing support solutions that include:
Search Engine Optimisation
Designing landing pages
E-mail development and deployment
Google Analytics
PPC strategy and placing content strategically
Advice on the use of right mediums and messaging
Social Media monitoring and management

Content Production & Management
Technology enabled Content Production & Management

Content production both online and offline refines your product. We specialize in designing products whose revenue is subscription driven and enhance the quality and messaging quality of content through proper design and representation. Companies selling information services benefit immensely from our team of researchers who embrace various technologies that increase efficiency and effectiveness of content quality that is more relevant to end customers. Whether it is corporations with digital assets, information service companies or ecommerce companies, the voluminous content and its accurate processing at lightning speed is something we take pride in.

Ecommerce and Mcommerce Technology Solutions
Develop. Test. Deploy.

Krima has a technology team that enables content and creates the platform that the business can run into. Working in AGILE methods, our set of experienced software professionals quickly understand the required scope and are known for speed of coding. Product launches always have happened within timebound schedules thanks to the project managers and their rich acumen. Development and deployment of ecommerce portals. Building apps focus on content, news and information. Testing services in multiple devices and platforms. Technology tools that search relevant information and data. Our implementations are based on the AGILE methods. Our team of skilled IT professionals have experience on application development on a number of tools and platforms.

Data and Software Review
We assure consistent quality

We review and audit data across multiple mediums and check for its consistency. Most useful when there is a launch and you want a third eye to review everything for its accuracy and consistency. Professionals with eye for detail will go through it and submit detailed reports for you

What People
Say About Us

Krima Solutions provided us professional help to source data in the most effective and efficient way. Embedded data automation experts coupled with research analysis were to generate high-quality data and reduce lead time by half. Automation provided us faster access to data which is of great help.

Data production Manager of a business intelligence firm

What People
Say About Us

Assisted bots to generate data from vast sources in a systematic, methodical way was the highlight. Our analysts simple have to put it all together and focus on analytical commentary. Invaluable assistance.

COO of a digital data publishing firm in UK

What People
Say About Us

With bot-assisted work, we were able to focus on revenue generating activities and worked with Krima Solutions to increase the breadth of our coverage for country-reports, five-fold. Newer add-ons to digital data products were possible.

Head of operations for a data production company

What People
Say About Us

Our leads for marketing has never looked so easy. Over 25,000 records of people were updated and it clearly paid off with more relevant marketing materials going to people. Direct contribution to revenues at most cost-effective rates.

Program Head of Operations of an event and exhibitions firm

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